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API 및 데이터 소스 사용

Explore programming interfaces for building bots and tools.


Pywikibot is a Python library and collection of scripts that automate work on Wikimedia projects.

프로그래밍 언어별 라이브러리 탐색

API client libraries make it easier to write code that interacts with an API. Visit this list to browse popular libraries for the MediaWiki API by programming language.

API 사용

The MediaWiki API gives you programmatic access to content on any Wikimedia wiki. You can use the API to search and display wiki pages, get media files, edit pages, and manage wikis.

콘텐츠 대량 다운로드

Access free downloads of wiki content and data that you can use in research, offline reading, bot editing, and other projects.

Query wiki databases

Wiki replicas are anonymized versions of the databases that back Wikimedia's production sites. Use Quarry to run and share SQL queries.